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39,11 EUR*
Details Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment Society is generally sensitised to the injustice perpetuated on the women over the centuries. This book intends to provide a detailed account of women's problems, discusses the strategies for their empowerment and tries to awaken them...

32,99 EUR*
Details Empowerment and Poverty Reduction: A Sourcebook (Directions in Development - Human Development)

Empowerment and Poverty Reduction 'Empowerment and Poverty Reduction: A Sourcebook' is an outcome of 'World Development Report 2000/2001: Attacking Poverty', which highlighted opportunity, empowerment, and security as key elements in the creation and...

17,87 EUR*
Details Employee Empowerment: The Rhetoric and the Reality

Inside this neat little book is a wealth of information on Employee Empowerment. Divided into clearly defined sections are: a clear navigation of the management literature and explanation of the controversies surrounding employee empowerment; the key...

20,49 EUR*
Details Eleven Self-Empowerment Protocols: New Paradigms for Our New Civilization

[{ Eleven Self-Empowerment Protocols: New Paradigms for Our New Civilization [ ELEVEN SELF-EMPOWERMENT PROTOCOLS: NEW PARADIGMS FOR OUR NEW CIVILIZATION ] By Johnston, R Neville ( Author )Mar-05-2010 Hardcover By Johnston, R Neville ( Author ) Mar -...

17,18 EUR*
Details Empowerment: The Art of Creating Your Life as You Want it

Empowerment Teaches readers empowerment by altering consciousness and thought processes. This book uses practical techniques, inspiring stories, visualisations and excercises for self-evaluation. It covers seven areas of life: relationships, sexuality,...

50,06 EUR*

Empowerment Evaluation Explores empowerment evaluation, a method for using evaluation concepts, techniques, and findings to foster improvement and self-determination. This book focuses on the various contexts in which empowerment evaluation is...

6,61 EUR*
Details I Know a Lot! (Empowerment)

""I Know a Lot! The next book in the ""empowerment series""--a celebratory tribute to all toddlers' efforts to make sense of the world. Full description""

103,99 EUR*
Details Public Leadership (Social Justice, Equality and Empowerment)

Seiten: 188, Gebundene Ausgabe, Nova Science Publishers Inc

49,90 EUR*
Details Women Empowerment in Bangladesh: Role of NGOs

Seiten: 116, Taschenbuch, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing

25,67 EUR*
Details Create Your Day!: The Empowerment Calendar

Seiten: 368, Ausgabe: 1, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

13,54 EUR*
Details Self-Empowerment (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)

Seiten: 111, Taschenbuch, Crisp Publications Inc

11,64 EUR*
Details Fear Into Fuel: 21-Day Mind & Body Empowerment

Seiten: 130, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

10,79 EUR*
Details The Aquarian Empath: A BrightStar Empowerment

Seiten: 52, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

10,34 EUR*
Details Mama Rue: A Celebratory and Empowerment Experience

Seiten: 44, Taschenbuch, NaTroy Publishing Company

8,54 EUR*
Details Proud: emPOWERment for LGBTQ youth

Seiten: 122, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

6,86 EUR*
Details Mysteries of Inspirational Empowerment

Seiten: 36, Ausgabe: Lrg, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

10,44 EUR*
Details Self Empowerment Through Prayer

Seiten: 144, Taschenbuch, Outskirts Press

19,26 EUR*
Details Diversity in Empowerment

Seiten: 172, Taschenbuch, Community Development Assistan

19,34 EUR*
Details Themes of Carnal Empowerment 2

Ausgabedatum: 2013-07-02, Audio CD, Tympanik Audio

22,02 EUR*
Details Goddess Empowerment Meditation

Ausgabedatum: 2010-07-20, Audio CD, CD Baby.Com/Indys

11,29 EUR*
Details The BrightStar Empowerments: Compilation Edition

Seiten: 252, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

46,57 EUR*
Details Women Escaping Violence: Empowerment Through Narrative

Seiten: 280, Ausgabe: New., Gebundene Ausgabe, Univ of Missouri Pr

59,83 EUR*
Details Dragon Empowerments

Seiten: 122, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

142,72 EUR*
Details 50 Activities for Empowerment (50 Activities Series)

Seiten: 316, Ausgabe: Lslf, Ringeinband, HRD Press Inc.,U.S.

12,75 EUR*
Details Towards Personal Empowerment

Seiten: 178, Taschenbuch,

27,99 EUR*
Details Godly Empowerment

Seiten: 38, Taschenbuch, Blurb Inc

29,90 EUR*
Details Psychotherapie und Empowerment: Impulse für die psychosoziale Praxis

Seiten: 240, Ausgabe: 1. Aufl., Broschiert, Verlag Barbara Budrich

6,50 EUR*
Details Empowerment Through Colors: Mandalas Coloring Book

Seiten: 42, Ausgabe: Clr Csm, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform